Can Broken Families Lead to Murder?

I found myself watching two documentaries yesterday based on killers and serial killers that were on death row for their actions. These were pretty much your average documentaries that covered their cases and some important parts of these criminal's childhoods. More so, how the killer's both blamed things that went wrong in their childhood for their actions as young teens or adults. These really stuck out to me as a psychiatrist and new author of this blog, which has been discussing how family problems can drastically affect kids as adult.

Let's Talk About Our Problems As a Family

When I was growing up my life was good. That is, until my parents began fighting, hardly ever stopped, and eventually got a divorce in which are entire family was torn apart. This all may sound dramatic, but it just didn't have to go that way. Now, I'm not saying that this could have completely been prevented, but I am saying that the situation could have been handled better. This actually goes for many different families that end up breaking up from divorce.

My Family Mystery

So far on A Family Mystery I have talked a lot about how different familial environments make dramatic impacts on people's lives, regardless of whether or not they know it or not. I feel like some people reading this blog may question where I get off talking about this topic, aside from the fact that I work as a psychiatrist. For this reason, I wanted to share why I feel entitled to speak on the subject.

A Family Mystery

Families in general are a mystery to me. Many get along great, many fight all the time and some people don't even have the experience of having any family at all. I know this is all out of our control and sometimes we can't make ourselves have the family we want in life but overall, we have to eventually adjust or else it can play major role in our lives at some point or another. No matter what the situation, I have seen so many people that didn't turn out (or did turn or that matter) the way they did thanks to their families.

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